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Art of stripping

For the Crazy Academy, the stripping is an art first and foremost, both sensual and artistic. Our training tease about this job like no other is reserved primarily for women who want to rediscover their femininity otherwise. The thinning is not only an art and a tool of seduction, but it's also a good way to maintain his relationship, his body and her sensuality.

This training is open to all stripping, you can reconnect with your body, your sex appeal and femininity to gain and regain confidence in itself.
The thinning is a full practice, a true discipline. You can shape your body while performing graceful movements and elegant at the pleasure of your companion. Following several meetings with the stripping Crazy Academy you will find, increase your well being.

A vocation for the art of stripping, or a sudden urge to spice up your love life?

The Crazy Academy is there to answer your questions on training striptease stripping and training.

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